Artistic Director Regina Klenjoski

“RKDC’s mission is to promote the understanding of and to create a passion for the art of contemporary dance, making it accessible to both seasoned and new audiences. Though the vision of Artistic Director Regina Klenjoski, the company creates original dance works that features collaborations with cutting edge composers and theatrical artists.”

“Regina Klenjoski is a creator, performer, educator and advocate of contemporary dance.  The choreographer creates personal works that examine our search for intimacy in contemporary society. She tells stories with character-driven, socially and politically relevant dances that expose our authentic nature through seemingly small flashes of humanity. She is most concerned with providing a revealing journey for an audience by engaging them into familiarity through abstracted every day moments in life, distilled to their physical and emotional core”

*Regina is also connected to San Pedro as her company rehearses at Alvas.

Videos can be seen @!video/c17zj

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