3-19 Dance Art

Where Magical Realism meets dance by Beatriz E. Vasquez, Artistic Director, combines the language of Ballet, World Dance, Performance Art, Story telling, Music and Visual Art, to transport the audience to a different place in time. Beatriz creates works that bridge the gap between cultures, gender, and the lines that so often divide humanity. They have appeared at LA Day of the Dead Hollywood Forever Cemetery, UCLA, Highways Performance Art Space, USC, Grand Performances, Festival De La Calle Ocho, Human Resources, Union Station. 3-19 Dance Art has been awarded by Festival De La Calle 8, and by Gustavo VII International.

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“I chose numbers to define my work as my work has no ethnicity, I swim in the waters of each culture as if it was my own. We live in a global world and I choose to be inclusive of everyone and everything as opposed to delineate boundaries.”

“New Fire/ Fuego Nuevo”
A dance tribute to the great influence the African Culture had in Latin America, a melancholic tone for the land left behind by those who have emigrated elsewhere but still long for the warm weather, the sunsets, the ocean breeze, the rhythms and flavors of their birth place.
Choreographed by Beatriz E Vasquez
Ernesto Candelaria Mañacop
Karin Santiago
Claudia Paz
Reynaldo Santiago
Beatriz Vasquez

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