Virtual in Film Division

A few years ago, as I was auditioning and taking classes around the greater Boston area, I found that there was no place that would develop and allow me to perform on a professional level.

I even discussed with the director of one company my limitations and inquired if there was one choreographer among the many there that would modify to meet my requirements. She kept repeating that this was a professional company. I was angered by that interaction. I decided that if there was not an institution for me and run by people like me then I would create it. Abilities Dance -Boston was born. 

We use dance as a tool for intersectional disability rights in the greater Boston area and beyond

We disrupt antiquated ablest beliefs and disseminate the value of intersectional disability rights through dance.

The performing company is comprised of adult dancers with and without disabilities. Their movement tendencies and personalities influence the stories told through movements.

The film has excerpts from a project done with in partnership with a school in Sri Lanka and uses audio descriptions at the same time a dance is going on so those who are blind can experience it as well.



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