Table For Two
Choreography by:  Marie Hoffman
Music by:  The Dixie Chicks
Performed by:  Destiny Churchwell, Jason Cota

“Table For Two” first premiered in 2008 and was later awarded the Virginia Waring Grand Prize at the Dance Under the Stars Choreography Festival in Palm Desert, CA in 2009.  Set to the plaintive tones of the Dixie Chicks and utilizing a table and two chairs, this romantic duet tells the story of two young people falling in love and moving through life together as a partnership.  The table, which begins as a meeting place, is eventually transformed through the dancers’ movement and made to represent various elements of the relationship – the setting of a first date, the obstacles they must overcome as they navigate through life’s challenges, and ultimately, the bed where they curl up together at the end of every day. 


Choregraphy by: Anthony Aceves
Music by: Shane Koyczan
Performed by: Scott Alexander
Dani Furniss
Corrina Gemignani
Tyler Jean
Damian Kelly
Katie Marshall
Jessie Mays
Trey Miller
Claire Upton
Amy Walper
Matthew Wiley 

Videography by: 
Sal Del La Torre
Niko Montelibano 

“reMEmber” was created by AkomiDance in 2018, performed by a cast of diversely talented dancers and choreographed by Anthony Aceves.  This piece debuted the same year at the Orange County Dance Festival and was met with great reviews from both audience and critics.  Taking place in an outdoor classroom, “reMEmber” symbolizes an inner monologue we often forget to speak to ourselves.  It is okay to fail, make mistakes, and get knocked down.  We are constantly learning, we are students through life, and it is only through our own self-empowerment that we can spread light to those around us. 
“Get up, the ground is your reward.  It will hold you when you are done.  Cancel all forks, you are not done.” 
A Letter to Remind Myself Who I Am by Shane Koyzcan.


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