AkomiDance and our Board of Directors are a small, motivated team of artists and entrepreneurs who have come together to create one of Orange County’s premier dance companies. Our mission is to provide our community with multiple opportunities to experience live concert dance and to educate them as to the importance and relevance of concert dance in today’s multicultural society. In addition, we host workshops and master classes for our community, so that they can interact with AkomiDance in a more personal setting.

The dynamic, diverse dancers that make up AkomiDance bring virtuosic expertise in all genres of dance including ballet, modern, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and ethnic dance forms.

The company will perform “Sympathy for the Devil” for the Festival of the Arts this year. The piece, choreographed by Co-Artistic Director, Marie Hoffman, and former Managing Director, Alex Rasmussen, is a jazz dance set to music by the Rolling Stones and is eloquently executed by our company of 11.

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