AKOMIDANCE was founded in Huntington Beach, CA and is led by two award winning professional dance creators who have been recognized for their work across the globe.  After two years of rebranding and restructuring, the directorial team is proud to announce that AkomiDance is officially a nonprofit corporation in the state of California.

Co-Artistic Directors Marie Hoffman and Anthony Aceves, whose distinct backgrounds have merged to create a unique blend of stylistic influences, will lead OC’s newest premier dance company forward with a rapidly increasing momentum. Managing Director, Alex Rasmussen brings administrative expertise and creative balance to the company that has further propelled their combined artistic efforts and missions. 

As the founders and creators of the Orange County Dance Festival (est. 2017), the directors of AKOMIDANCE embrace both change and diversity.  While sustaining a company that is both enduring and ever-evolving, Anthony and Marie will continue their mission of uniting the Southern California dance community by providing opportunities for artists to bridge their careers throughout all realms of artistic dance. 


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