Alán L. Pérez

Alán L. Pérez is a non-binary, LGBTQ+Latinx, first generation immigrant from
Tijuana, Mexico. He is a graduate from California Institute of the Arts class of
2016 receiving a BFA in Dance and currently living in Los Angeles, CA pursuing

Pérez is currently working with CONTRA-TIEMPO and has collaborated with
companies such as B.Dunn Movement, Carlon Production, Kybele Dance
Theatre, IronStoneDance, Pasadena Dance Theatre, and FLOCK, a company
based in New Orleans.

He has presented choreographic dance works for Blaktinx Dance Festival (Los
Angeles & Arizona), Blaktinx Alum Dance Festival, BlakTinx Online Dance
Festival ’Dancing on the Edge’, Pasadena City College, Cal State LA, Los
Angeles Dance Festival, Orange County Dance Festival, Club Jéte, Highways
Performing Space, LooseCannons and in charity events such as Dance/Back
directed by Brockus Dance Studio and Artist En Accíon for the Kids in the
Borders directed by Amber Alonso and Rosa Navarrete.

We Wear Human Skin Under All These Clothes
Movers: Alán L. Pérez
Robert Gomez
Jordon Jomo Morris
Film: Mitchell Orcino


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