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the rituals y las fiestas

Cuñao | cuerva urban folklorico | alexx makes dances

rayven armijo, breana centeno, clarissa mejia, and alexx shilling

Brought to life by:
rayven armijo, breana centeno, krishna jennings, clarissa mejia, andrea moran and alexx shilling


Cuñao is:
Julio C. Montero Jr.
Severin Behnen
Josel Cruz
Tom Moose
Gabriel Ramirez
Craig Shields

Costumes by cuerva urban folklorico and Maria Garcia

the rituals y las fiestas is a suite of three dances threaded within the live music of 7-piece Latin folk alternative band, Cuñao.

The suite begins with Fortunato, a solo choreographed and performed by alexx makes dances’ Artistic Director alexx shilling. A hypnotic meditation on the time/space distance that grows when family members immigrate far from the ones they love.
cuerva urban folklòrico dances to Mas Alla and Eres Tu. Their unique and seamless mix of contemporary, folk and urban dance vocabulary brings the rhythms of Cuñao to life

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