B.E. Dance LA

BE Dance LA Beautify EarthDirector: Heather Rabun

B.E. Dance LA was created by Heather Rabun, an Austin, Texas, native, in early 2014 to explore the creation of visual art through her first passion: dance.  Heather is a co-founder and director of Beautify Earth, with a BFA in Ballet and Modern Dance from TCU.  She has danced professionally for companies including L.A. Choreographers & Dancers and Dallas Neo- Classical Ballet, as well as for various productions throughout Dallas and Los Angeles.  Heather is passionate about creating opportunities for artists to shine, and loves the inspiration found through collaboration.  Each performance of B.E. Dance LA will explore the live creation of visual art while dancing. The artwork resulting from B.E. Dance LA’s performances are available for purchase with proceeds going towards Beautify Earth projects. Heather is the West Coast Director of B.E. Dance LA Creator.

Company Information:
Phone No: 817-845-4736

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