Barkin/Selissen Project

Barkin/Selissen Project (“B/S P”), a New York City based contemporary dance
company founded in 2009, presents the choreography of Artistic Directors Kyla
Barkin and Aaron Selissen through live performance, film and workshops. With
dramatic shifts from nuance to explosive athleticism, Barkin Aaron Selissen’s
choreography infuses fresh perspective on subjects ranging from the
complexities of mathematics to the complexities of human nature. B/S P has
been presented at venues across the U.S. and abroad, including Jacob’s Pillow
Inside/Out; SUNY Stony Brook’s Staller Center; 92Y and Bryant Park, and
internationally in Indonesia; Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany; and the Edinburgh
International Conference Center in Scotland. (photos: Dev Ball)

The Making of Differential Cohomology 
Choreographed by Barkin and Selissen, the documentary is a synthetic
abstraction of the mathematical theory by the same name. The piece,
commissioned by celebrated mathematician Dr. James Simons, was inspired by
a beautiful piece of mathematics coming from geometry. As it goes in
mathematics, so it goes on the dance floor, as dancers traverse specific
sequences and patterns on a hexagonal diagram. Along their journeys, they
encounter intimacy, wild rebellion, and the inevitability of being canceled out
upon arrival. Only a select few “un-swallowed” may tiptoe back to the mysterious
center and continue another cycle of absorbing and imparting information.
The Making of Differential Cohomology’ was made in collaboration with  Nel Shelby , and
with support from Stony Brook University.

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