Brittany Woo

Brittany N. Woo is a graduate student studying dance at UC, Irvine. She is the choreographer of “Iceberg,” a piece that exhibits the dedication, drive, time, energy, and vigor required throughout the process of creating dance for live performance. It is titled “Iceberg” as an analogy to the tip of the iceberg being all that is visible to the audience, but in reality, the massive bulk of the iceberg is under the surface. Similarly, the peak of the iceberg is showcased in the live performance, but the tremendous time and energy that went into this single live performance often remain uncovered by the audience. 

Choreographer: Brittany N. Woo
Composer: Hunter Long
Lighting Designer: Nita Mendoza
Performers, who are dance majors at UC, Irvine: Samantha Desantis, Stefanie Goodenberger, Nancy Griswell, Elise Holmes, Ai Ling
Lane, Cara Laughlin, Emma Mertens, Sadie Sandoval, and Emma Welter


© (2020) UC Regents, all rights reserved. Photo by Leandro Glory Damasco, Jr.
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