Cathartic Art

Cathartic Art is a collective that produces works which advocate for mental health through Art, Performance and the Creative Process. Our mission is to open up a dialogue about mental health and provide alternative resources to traditional therapy. Though Cathartic Art is an all encompassing art collective, this piece, Project Raqs Sharqui, highlights bellydancers Jill Collins and Olga Kramarova, and percussionist Donavon Lerman. Project Raqs Sharqui (translated from Arabic as Dance of the East) showcases the rhythmical power of the Eygptian tabla drum to create a communication between drummer and dancer. It explores the cathartic release that can happen when focusing one’s energy into movement and music, compelling a presence in the here and now. Project Raqs Sharqui incorporates the visually stunning “Isis Wings” which are named for the Egyptian goddess Isis. These wings were intentionally chosen for this project as they represent the power to heal and renew life.

Artistic Director: Jill Collins
Dancers: Olga Kramarova, Jill Collins
Percussionist: Donavon Lerman
Video/Editing: Jimmy Paige
Prod: JCoDance
Music: 1.Isis Wings Duet “Cosmic Nahawand” by Roger Abboud on Bangin Bellybeats
2. “Drum Solo” Donavon Lerman

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