Anderson Park

About The Company: In 2017, DAGDAG Dance was founded to provide performance opportunities for local dancers and musicians. Most importantly, to work closely in a collaborative and professional environment. Since its inception, the company has produced a full-length show with original dance works and has participated in dance festivals, school and fundraising events across Southern California.

About The Choreographer: Jestoni Dagdag is a choreographer, dancer, instructor, and dance producer based in Long Beach, Ca. He was born in the Philippines, and moved to the United States at the age of 14. He was introduced to his first formal dance class at Fullerton College, and soon became deeply passionate with the art form. A few years later, he transferred to the University of California, Irvine. There, he earned a BFA in Dance Performance in 2015, and received an Excellence in Dance Performance arts award. He’s had the pleasure of performing as a freelance dancer with several companies all throughout Los Angeles and Orange County such as Re:born Dance Interactive, Multiplex Dance, Shaun Boyle & Artists, Festival Ballet Theatre, Southern California Dance Theatre, Kelly Alvarez & Artists, and Palm Dance Collective.

About LITANYA: In a dystopian society where the mob rules and diversity of thought is lacking, only the bravest who dares to go against the grain can spark a chain reaction. Litanya is a social commentary that looks into America’s current political climate where people are simply divided by labels. Humans tend to congregate and group themselves to where they mostly relate to such as race, gender, sexuality, social class, political identity, etc. In this piece, the focus is on a phenomenon described as an “echo chamber” where individuals in a particular group are only exposed to information they see repeated and amplified in their immediate surroundings. It becomes problematic for the apparent reason that they may lose sight of what makes the world a complex and unique place: diversity. As Litanya unfolds, we see a group or sect in a line and is led by a leader. A dancer experiences an awakening and starts to break out of the line, which then influences others to do the same. Within the group, the leader has her spies who keep others in check. Throughout the piece, a series of awakenings happen for other dancers. This upsets the leader and the confrontation takes place. At the end, everybody leaves the nest and the leader is left with no sheep to herd.

Dancers: Marin Asano, Noel Dilworth, Keri Prokopidis, Mizuki Sako, Eliza Tollett, Jack Virga-Hall
Music: Sufjan Stevens (Revelation II, Celebration VIII, Incantation I)


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