Dance Studio Showtime – Katusha

Dance Studio Showtime – Katusha is a non-profit organization with Slavic roots, committed to advancing dance education and preserving Slavic cultural heritage by bringing performing arts, folk dance and music into different communities of the Greater Los Angeles area.

For 23 years now, the Studio has been playing one of the major roles in the Los Angeles cultural scene, in the traditional performing arts world in particular, carrying on the appreciation of Slavic folk dance and music.

Studio is an active participant in professional dance competitions, traditional art festivals, Junior Olympic Games and other events. The Studio regularly organizes performances and shows. One of the main contributions is its initiative to produce and present the Annual Cultural Slavic Festival (since 2008), the Annual Cultural Festival “Maslenitsa” (since 2019) and Annual International Children Festival.

At San Pedro Arts 2022 Festival performing group of Dance Studio Showtime-Katusha will present two folk dances:

  • Ukrainian dance “Hopak”
  • Gypsy dance

Website: https://

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