Dante Puleio (with dancers from UC Irvine)

The Persistence of Time
Choreographed by Dante Puleio
(with dancers from UC Irvine)

I was initially inspired by the image of Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. I found myself drawn to the image and the colors, then the idea of how we respond to and deal with time grew out of the choreographic process. Although we each have a unique relationship with time, there are some universal truths that we all share. When we are young it’s a concept we barely understand and are often frustrated by how slowly it seems to pass, but with age we deepen our ties to time, either rushing through it or trying to indulge in it, and we seem to barely be able to hold on. As our time becomes more precious, it continues to ignore us it carelessly accelerates ticking through us. This piece explores relationships to time and the realization of life slipping through our ability to hold on to any second that would last just a moment longer.


Premiere: Claire Trevor Theatre April 2016
Composer: Taylor Hartley
Song Title: Dance Opus
Costume Designer: Katie Wilson
Loren Campbell
Claire Engelmann
Bryn Gallagher
Dominique Kersh
Brooke Lester
Jill Oates
Jessica Sanmarti
Daniela Sider

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