Degas Dance Studio

Degas Dance Studio is a training and performance-oriented studio with pre-professional opportunities and career guidance.  Focus is on technique and artistry teaching the ART of DANCE.  

We are training and empowering students to find and use their unique artistic voice. Creating the next generation of artists, dancers, choreographers and directors. Degas Dance Studio has produced unprecedented talent from the ground up. Our Alumni students have been recipients of National Young Arts Spotlight, YAGP 1st Place awards.

Scholarship recipients and acceptances to top summer programs including

SAB, ABT, San Francisco Ballet, Bolshoi, Houston Ballet, Jacobs Pillow, Orsolina 28, European School of Ballet, Alvin Ailey, Harid Conservatory, Bodytraffic, Hubbard Street and tons more.

As well as some of the top college programs including Codarts Rotterdam in Netherlands, Copenhagen Contemporary Dance Conservatory in Denmark, Ailey Fordham, USC, Boston Conservatory, Columbia, NYU Tisch, University of Michigan, Vasser,

 Peabody at Johns Hopkins and many are working

professionally in the industry or have used their skills to help them be successful in whatever they set their minds to achieve.




Degas Dance Team Reel 2021:

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