Emergent Dance Company

Megan Pulfer, Artistic Director and choreographer, received her classical ballet trainingvat Huntington Academy of Dance. She was accepted to North Carolina School of the Arts to study ballet. Megan first danced professionally with Cedar Lake 2, Missouri Contemporary Ballet, and Quixotic. In 2010, Megan went to Israel to dance with KibbutzContemporary Dance Company’s Dance Journey and signed a contract with Kamea Dance Company. After moving back to California she danced with Clairobscur Dance Company in Los Angeles. Megan is also pursuing her second career in Interior Design. 

The human DNA is 99.5% the same. However, we live in a world that focuses on our differences more than our similarities. Issues such as race, politics, and religion define and separate us. These titles and disparities cause violence, isolation, and discrimination within our civilization. This piece highlights our differences and explores the journey of accepting our differences, embracing our similarities, and work together as a unified society. 

Choreographer: Megan Pulfer
Dancers: Paige Amicon, Jessie Mays, Stephanie Ocampo, Stacie Overmyer,
Melody Plastow & Madison Simons
Music: 99.5 by Nick Pethtel (original work)
Costumes & Props: Megan Pulfer


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