Freaks With Lines

Anderson Park

Freaks With Lines is a Los Angeles based dance project created by Susan Vishmid that serves as a platform to showcase both independent and collaborative works between professional dancers and other creatives in various disciplines. Dancers are FREAKS who live, eat and breathe to create LINES and ultimately scrutinize those creations. Dance is a self serving art form… 

Freaks With Lines® are the creators and the consumers of our own art. 

The quest for perfection is every dancer’s story. Every day is a hunting expedition for the most perfect line we can possibility create with our bodies because the body is our sole vehicle for expression. The story, no matter how abstract, is always contained in the lines.

We are beautiful freaks who manufacture stories via cohesion of lines in space and we lurk amongst the generic population ready to appease ourselves first and foremost, and any other voyeurs bold enough to accept the invitation to our mobile variety “Freak Show.”

For the festival we are presenting three pieces:

1) Dancers Journey (Susan Vishmid) Original music by Evan Wise
2) Mama’s Prelude (AJ Abrams, Sadie Black and Susan Vishmid) Music by Sergei Rachmaninoff 
3) Nova (Sofia Rochin, Susan Vishmid, Michelle Lebowski and Hannah Keene) Music by Nora en Pure

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