Freaks With Lines (FWL), a Los Angeles based dance project, is the brainchild of Susan Vishmid. Ms. Vishmid’s professional experience includes Pennsylvania Ballet, Napoles Ballet Theatre, Santa Fe Opera, San Diego Opera, Chicago Festival Ballet, California Riverside Ballet and City Ballet of Los Angeles, City of Angels Ballet and Coast City Ballet.

FWL was created to serve as a platform to showcase independent and collaborative works between professional dancers and other creatives in various disciplines. All that any dancer strives for is to create the most perfect line possible with their bodies. Dancers are beautiful freaks lurking amongst the generic pedestrian population. The “pedestrians” become voyeurs to our mobile variety “Freak Show.” Collaboration with other artists (dancers & nondancers) enhances dance as a performance art in non-traditional ways.

Dancers: Susan Vishmid and Adam Bloodgood
Original Music for Tainted Experience: Matthew Young

Music for A Puzzling Affection: Erik Satie

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