FUSE Dance Company

Joshua David Estrada-Romero
Fuse Dance Company, Director

FUSE Dance Company is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and foster the growth and development of the performing arts in Southern California through performances, dance education, and dance community collaboration programs. The company was established by director Joshua Romero in February of 2010. Since then FUSE has participated in many Southern California dance festivals and events including the Vox Dance Theatre Showcase in Los Angeles, Nebula’s HHII Dance Festival in Santa Barbara, Raw Orange County Showcase, MixMatch Dance Festival and twice for the Palm Desert Choreographer Dance Festival. For four consecutive years FUSE has performed for the Lineage Dance Festival in Pasadena and The SoCal Dance Invitational produced by Nannette Brodie Dance Company. FUSE has also been privileged to perform outside of California by participating in The Men in Dance Festival in Seattle, WA, the Dumbo Dance Festival in Brooklyn, NY, the Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, and at the Ballet Austin Ventures Theatre.

(626) 893-2776


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