Gulistan Dance Theater

Artistic Director: Carolyn Krueger 

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Gulistan (GOO-lih-stahn, meaning “flower garden”) presents traditional women’s dances of the Central Asian Silk Road, along with original works employing masks and storytelling. Specializing in the refined and enchanting styles of Uzbekistan, Gulistan’s performances feature choreography by Artistic Director Carolyn Krueger and Uzbek master choreographer Viloyat Akilova, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan. Through Ms. Krueger’s residencies in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and Mme. Akilova’s Los Angeles residencies with Gulistan, the company has gathered an Uzbek dance repertoire that is unique outside of Uzbekistan. Gulistan has performed in Europe, across the U.S., throughout California, and on Tashkent Television. In addition, Gulistan was interviewed for Voice of America Persian language radio broadcasts in Iran and Afghanistan regarding its imaginative production of the Iranian tale Princess Firuza and the Horse Prince. The artistic excellence of Gulistan Dance Theater’s traditional and original work has earned the ensemble several nominations for the Lester Horton Award.

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