Christine Baltes, Choreographer | Janell Burgess, Dancer


Jazz Spectrum is dedicated to the preservation of the art of Jazz Dance through education, public outreach, and performance art. Under the direction of choreographer Christine Baltes, this year at the San Pedro ♥ Festival of the Arts, Jazz Spectrum will be presenting two solo works that will be performed by dancer, Janell Burgess. Both choreographies are classical in style, yet very different in feel; but will surely promise to entertain and bring a smile to your heart! Experience the art of jazz dance with “Breeze” a lighthearted dance thru the park. While the contrasting “Samba Pa Ti” will take you on an emotional journey of letting go and discovering a sense of freedom.IMG_5608.jpg

This September 17th, 2017 performance is dedicated to Christine Baltes as she will be undergoing treatment at a cancer center in Florida during this year’s festival. All monies given to Jazz Spectrum from their performance at the festival will be donated to the furtherment of Ms. Baltes’ treatment. If you would like to personally contribute to her fight against cancer, please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/chrisbaltes



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