Jeevika Bhat – Jyoti Kala Mandir

Shyamo Ronge

Radha asks her Sakhi (friend), “Why should I apply kajal (eyeliner), when the darkness of Krishna’s complexion already fills my eyes? Why should I wear this jeweled belt, when Krishna’s arms already adorn my waist? Why should I decorate myself for others, when Krishna’s love already makes me feel beautiful?” As the melodious sound of Krishna’s flute pierces her heart, she renounces her outer jewels and makeup to instead dance with inner ecstasy and bliss.

Raga: Bhimpalasi

Tala: Adi

Music Composition: Srimati Sangita Gosain

Rhythm Composition: Sri Satchitananda Das

Choreography: Guru Jyoti Rout

Jeevika Bhat is a dancer and choreographer who explores the confluence of her cultures through her art. Her background is in Odissi, an East Indian classical dance form known for its nuanced storytelling and graceful fluidity. She has been learning under the guidance of Guru Jyoti Rout for the past 19 years, and is now a teacher and choreographer with her Bay Area based dance company, Jyoti Kala Mandir. Academically, she is a graduate of UC San Diego, where she earned a BS in Mathematics with minors in Linguistics and Dance. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Dance at UC Irvine, where she explores the confluence of Indian classical, indocontemporary, yoga, and modern dance in many contexts.

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