Jose Costas Contempo Ballet 

Anderson Park

Contempo Ballet values, supports, and is committed to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We are also dedicated to improving racial and social justice in our work. 

 About the Company:  Jose Costas Contempo Ballet is a non-profit dance company founded by Master Teacher and Director/Choreographer, Jose Costas, in Southern California. The company’s core purpose is to introduce audiences to cutting-edge contemporary ballet, sponsor educational, artistic and performance opportunities through Dance Concerts, Training, Artistic Collaborations, and Community programs for all people. Its mission is to promote multicultural appreciation of artistic expression through Dance that unites, inspires, educates, empowers, and forever transforms the lives of the people in our ever-changing society. 

About Tango Interlude: A contemporary rendition of Argentinian Tango in four acts. Choreographed by Jose Costas 

 Dancers: Aoi Aihara,  Sadie Black, Aaron Dirickson, J.R.Gooseberry, Sydnie Obergfell, Kiara Kinghorn, David McMahan 


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