Jrick and the Hot Flashers (formerly the Post Pros): 50+ Hip Hop Group

John Richard Edwards (AKA Jrick) just retired after 30 years as Deputy Director of Engineering for Air Force Space & Missile Systems Center. He started dancing 15 years ago. Today, at the age of 71, he is a professional hip-hop teacher, choreographer and dancer. His classes Boogiezone Utopia Dance Studio in Torrance are designed for ages 50 & up.
Another big motivator is the success he has had winning three television competitions, landing in two Michael Jackson Videos and appearing on Modern Family. The group is comprised of career people that are just starting dance or getting back into dance after a long hiatus. They will be performing an original, untitled number in the style of “New Jack Swing” with its theme being “you are never too old to dance!” Their costumes are sponsored by Alvas Dance and Music in San Pedro. Dancers include: Jane Howard-Martin, Michelle Pak, Susan Cardine, Nancy Jo Retting, Vickey Stewart, Maggie Jones, John Edwards, Liya Li, Michael Bargeron, and Ahinnya Slaughter.


Rosalie and Alva: School of Dance & Allied Arts was established in 1952 in the beautiful Port of San Pedro, CA. by Rosalie and Alva Lincir.

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