Jrick and the Hot Flashers (Post-Professional)

JRick and the HotFlashers is a dance crew formed in 2013 of people over 50 years old who perform old school hiphop and Michael Jackson dances.

John Richard Edwards (aka JRick) took up dance at age 55 for exercise and ended up winning three TV dance competitions, one with JLo, in two Michael Jackson videos and dancing on TV shows like Modern Family.

JRick observed in himself and students that age-related limits are more in people’s minds than in their bodies, and that dance reinvigorates one’s entire being.  The HotFlashers are students of JRick who are over 50.

They perform at the Palos Verdes Summer Fair, the San Pedro Arts Festival, Lula Washington’s Dance Theater, Flashmobs & Boogiezone Events.

They are available for public and private events and for television, music videos and advertising.

JRick currently teaches at Boogiezone Utopia and at People’s Place in San Pedro.

Jrick Rie

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