Jrick and the Hot Flashers (post-professional)

Director: John EdwardssmPOSTpros2

John Edwards – Jrick and the Hot Flashers (formerly the Post Pros): 50+ Hip Hop Group

John Richard Edwards (AKA Jrick) just retired after 30 years as Deputy Director of Engineering for Air Force Space & Missile Systems Center. He started dancing 12 years ago. Today, at the age of 68, he is a professional hip-hop teacher, choreographer and dancer. His classes are designed for ages 50 & up.

Another big motivator is the success he has had winning three television competitions, landing in two Michael Jackson Videos and appearing on Modern Family. The group is comprised of current & ex professional dancers and career people that are just starting dance or getting back into dance after a long hiatus. They will be performing Suit and Tie and Michael Jackson’s xScape.

Rosalie and Alva: School of Dance & Allied Arts was established in 1952 in the beautiful Port of San Pedro, CA. by Rosalie and Alva Lincir.

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