Kairos Dance Company

Kairos Dance Company (est. ‘06) uses dance as a platform to build social awareness and has performed in L.A., Palm Desert, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, CO, and Ogden, UT. Awards include the Dance Under the Stars Choreography Fest. (finalist – ’07 and ‘09), Rocky Mountain Choreography Fest. (winner – ’13), and sjDANCEco Choreography Fest. (winner – ’15). Since establishing their non-profit status in 2016, Kairos Dance Co has explored social topics to inspire discussion and promote action within its community. Their 2016 debut of ‘Light in the Moonless Midnight’, a full-length piece focusing on erasing the stigma of mental illness, was met with an emotionally stirred audience response and was invited by Tim Robbins’ Actor’s Gang to perform their new work, entitled “Paradigm” in 2018. This full-length piece explored social media and its effect on society today. The company has also touched on other socially relevant topics such as domestic abuse, and separation at the border today. These pieces, combined with personal interviews and multi-media, engage the audience in an emotionally powerful way. Kairos Dance Co begins the conversation… and encourages you, the audience, to continue it.  

“Scenes from the Female Heart” touches on three experiences women have been subject to in our society – Motherhood and Breastfeeding in public, Sexual assault and abuse, and social pressures of body expectations leading to possible addictions. 


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