Ke’Aira Roberson

Anderson Park

At the age of four years old I was one of the youngest students of Universal Dance Designs and member of the Kennedy Tap Company under the direction of Paul and Arlene Kennedy, I grasped techniques in ballet, tap and jazz.  At the early age of 8, I’d started to gain a reputation for winning street battles at “Clown and Krump” dancing events. I studied with choreographers like Debbie Allen, and major studios like Millennium Dance Complex, Alvin Ailey, Edge Pac and Debbie Reynolds Studio. 

I have performed with many of the top acts. When a teen I formed and choreographed a dance company called “Krushal Kiddz”. We were recognized on 106 and Park and Showtime at the Apollo.

I will be performing gospel music “Sinners Prayer.” Written by myself Ke’Aira Roberson (Kee Air Ruh Row berson).

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