Kraken Still & Film Distant Worlds

Virtual in Film Division

Kraken Still & Film is a contemporary dance company based in Phoenix, AZ, that explores the integration of concert dance and visual art. We create projects of various scales through intimate collaborations between dancers and artists. Our work is presented through theater stages, dance film festivals, art galleries and public venues. Our mission is to create a space for dancers to integrate various movement disciplines and offer a platform for interdisciplinary artists to play. We use contemporary dance to highlight our curiosities and bring voice to the unheard. We strive to elevate the status of dance in the art world while making it accessible to the public through our diverse avenues of presentation within our communities.

Distant Worlds is by Lawrence Fung. 

Raised in the concrete jungle of Hong Kong and the American Southwest, Lawrence uses the presence of contrast as a common theme in the dance works, films, and photographs that he creates. Fung founded his company Kraken Still and Film (KSAF) in 2018 with a humble ensemble of dancers and composers. The interdisciplinary company celebrates the collaboration among dancers and artists of different backgrounds with the vision of touring works in spaces such as proscenium stages, galleries, museums, film theaters, and public projections.

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