Cyberyoga is fitness and literally is movement but it is movement towards integrated fitness. The body contorted into sculpture. Spiritual core sprinkled with meditative and physical exercise.

The mastermind behind Cyberyoga is Lamonte Tales Goode. An acclaimed dancer and B-Boy from West Coast Rockers and Killafornia. You’ve most likely seen him in blockbusters including You Got Served, ‪Alvin and the Chipmunks, ‪Clockstoppers, In the Mix and Step Up 2. If you have not you definitely saw him spinning and bending his torso in music videos from Snoop Dog, ‪Shakira, ‪Rihanna, ‪Eminem or Wyclef. Goode has performed in events for Nike, Red Bull, Armani and Hugo Boss with commercial credits from industry giants Apple, Levis, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Sandisk, Nike and Skechers.


Cyberyoga is the evolution of acrobatics, dance and yoga.  Beyond what is believed to be possible Cyberyoga is the next level. A key to longevity is flexibility both spiritually and physically. Testing the mind and body while pushing it beyond what is conceivable. Cyberyoga attains stamina, inner peace and enlightenment while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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