LL Moves

Alvas Showroom

Founded in 2014, LLMoves is a NYC-based company focused on integrating dance with fashion, film, photography, visual arts, technology, and music in unique collaborations.  By combining a variety of artistic mediums in innovative ways, founder Lindsey L. Miller strives to use art as a way to impact audiences’ thoughts and emotions through a sensory experience.  The choreography focuses on utilizing classically influenced lines with a contemporary aesthetic to showcase the company dancers’ athleticism and grace, as well as artistic expression at its finest.  This company’s mission is to keep dance alive and growing in society by evolving with the current times and using dance to explore significant issues in the world. Through themes, such as wildlife conservation, ageism, and positive body image, LLMoves hopes to use dance to give a voice to important matters.

explores the beauty of human connection when two souls connect on the same wavelength. The performers explore the harmony created by bodies moving in ritualistic unison, complementary patterns, and weight-bearing partnering. By finding synchronization with the individuals around us, we can help make the journey of life make a little more sense.

Music: Michael Wall
Dancers: Lindsey L. Miller and Zachary Tracz

 Website: www.llmoves.com

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