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LA C&D presents soulful, imaginative dance that takes audience members on a journey of self-discovery. At this year’s festival, we present excerpts from one of our dances and the first showing of a new work in progress.

Saturday- Brandenburg (from Tap Dance Widows Club)

This excerpt is from a performance in January at the Booking Dance Festival NY at Jazz at Lincoln Center.  The photo from that performance is by Jaqlin Medlock Photography.

Brandenburg, to music by Black Violin, is one of the live dance works in the longer dance/multimedia/film work. The work has been reviewed as “Spectacular, moving, uplifting!” In Brandenburg choreographed by Louise Reichlin, the dance forms range from modern and ballet to tap and ballroom. The longer work celebrates the lives of Reichlin’s husband Alfred Desio and the husbands of two other wives- Fayard Nicholas and Jon Zerby. The 2012 work was presented in 2018 and 2019 in Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Culver City, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Its performance to have been presented by the City of Carlsbad in May has been postponed until 2021.

Sunday- Alone (from Urban and Tribal Dances)

Urban and Tribal Dances is about people of present, past, or slightly future time in an urban setting. “Alone” is bleak and isolated. Although Reichlin choreographed it in 1990, it foreshadowed our dependence on our phones, but at that time by the attached line. When it breaks, the dancer is deaf and blind. In this new video treatment each of the dancers is also isolated, unfortunately reflecting our current situation. From the original production review “enhanced by an intriguing score of ethnic sounds gathered from around the world… the dancers conveyed the interconnectedness of human existence, juxtaposed with the isolation experienced even in the midst of society.” Variety.

The music is by R. Musci and G. Venosta. The entire work was to be revived at the Ivy Substation in Culver City last month and cancelled because of the lockdown, and will hopefully be done soon.

Company Information:

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Brandenburg (from Tap Dance Widows Club)

Choreography by Louise Reichlin

Music by Black Violin

Performed by Jill Elaine Collins, Dominique Kersh, Kensiwe Mathebula, Eve Metsäranta, Coree McKee Gonzalez, Corrina Gemignani, Glenn Rodriguez, Jamil Morgan



Choreography by Louise Reichlin

Music by Roberto Musci and Giovanni Venosta,

“Tamatave” from Tower of Silence

Video Editing by Andrew Zutta

Original costume and tent by Linda Borough

Original performance in video by Kohl Lewis, with Jill Elaine Collins, Eve Metsäranta, Corrina Gemignani


*This performance of Alone is dedicated to Linda Bourough, who passed away in 2020.


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