Louise Reichlin & Dancers/ Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers

LA C&D presents soulful, imaginative dance that takes audience members on a journey of self-discovery. At this year’s festival, we present excerpts from two of our dances and the first showing of a new work.

This year we present the completed Reboot! Reboot! and “Gotta Get Up.” Most recently we performed them at the Fontana Arts Festival, at the Booking Dance Festival at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York, and in Culver City. This is Reboot! Reboot!’s first completed performance in Los Angeles. It is about how we are constantly rebooting everything we have known with the everpresent pandemic. Or perhaps it just asks how we have always dealt with uncertainty and the necessity for adaptation while maintaining who we are.


Company Information:
Become a friend of Louise at http://www.facebook.com/louise.reichlin
and a fan of the company at http://www.facebook.com/LACD.Reichlin
twitter: @LouiseReichlin
instagram: @lachoreographersanddancers

Gotta Get Up

Choreography: Louise Reichlin
Music: Harry Nilsson

Reboot! Reboot!

Choreography: Louise Reichlin
Music: Vikings, Danheim, Heilung (Faust/Jaul), Barde, Granda, Gabriel, Metcalfe

Dancers: Jill Elaine Collins, Eve Metsäranta, Coree McKee Gonzalez, Emily Mcguire, Mcknnly Moren, Yaya Ruiz, Sasha Serdyukov

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