Louise Reichlin & Dancers/Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers

Director: Louise Reichlin

Louise Reichlin & Dancers burst into the public eye in 1979 with their first performance at the Anson Ford Theatre when “Reichlin created a sensation with The Tennis Dances” (Dance News). This year the company celebrated its 37th anniversary.

Shown in progress is “A Jewish Child’s Story, Part I”.


The Roses on my Wallpaper- A Dream – music by Luvi Torres and by Michelle Green Willner. Narration by Louise Reichlin. To music with both Spanish and Hebrew words, this autobiographical work explores why I am comfortable using pieces in languages I may not understand, and the characters represent children’s heroines and heroes from my own Jewish culture and others from K’ton ton, to Wonder Woman, to Rachel at the Well and Miriam with her cradle holding Moses. The Magician is about an always-returning mysterious Magician that traveled the world doing cifti telli dances during the Turkish Empire to traditional music. When I was a child, I would wake up after an adventure and see the pink roses on my bedside table lamp, and the pink roses on the wallpaper, and wonder if this was really awake, or was this asleep, marking the day-time and waiting to go back to a much more exciting world. Not shown here is Yellow Star as it is a work requiring multimedia projection. Costumes for The Magician are by Linda Borough, and Biblical costumes for The Roses on My Wallpaper by Diana MacNeil. Last Spring Louise was awarded a WORD Artist Grant, the Bruce Geller Memorial Prize to create this new work. “WORD is a program of American Jewish University’s Institute for Jewish Creativity, a program supported through a generous Cutting Edge Grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles. WORD’s Artist Grants, Bruce Geller Memorial Prizes, are made possible by the late Jeanette Geller in memory of her husband Bruce.

Dancers include company members Liza Barskaya, Janessa Clemmons, Nathan Ortiz, Kistina Pressler, Rebecca Reaney, Glenn Rodriguez, Linnea Snyderman, and Devin Ziel. Louise Reichlin is Narrator.

Company Information:
Become a friend of Louise at http://www.facebook.com/louise.reichlin
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twitter: @LouiseReichlin
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Phone No: (213) 385-1171

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