Lula Washington Dance Theatre

Director: Lula Washington

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 5.18.09 PMThe Lula Washington Dance Theatre is a Los Angeles-based contemporary modern dance company with more than three decades of national and international touring experience. Lula Washington Dance Theatre (LWDT) is committed to reflecting the African-American experience through movement. Lula Washington is the founder and principal choreographer for LWDT. She gives the company its special “voice” with her commitment to work that explores social issues and African-American history and culture. In her work, the company blends modern dance with other movement idioms such as hip hop, jazz, African, ballet, performance art, acting, and sometimes singing. The repertory is typically high energy, theatrical, and accessible. But at other times it is hard hitting, edgy, and evocative with socially conscious explorations of issues related to the African-American experience. The New York Times described Lula as “A gifted original who is doing something more than right in Los Angeles.”

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