Selcouth/Marianna Varviani

Anderson Park

Selcouth believes art can change the world!

We create works to invoke, empower, and inspire the people around us. Our core ideals revolve around understanding, appreciation, respect and liberation.  We create, produce, and share high-quality performances and interactive art experiences, based on contemporary issues. We invite audiences of all backgrounds, ages and interests. Through our project, we hope to bridge concert, street, commercial and academic cultures. 

Selcouth is the platform for Marianna Varviani’s work.


“Untwine” explores the journey of growth and expansion of individuals or communities after a transformative period. Inspired by the idea of creating a celebratory dance, we are looking into ways of embodying joy and surpassing past obstacles. This project comes as an antidote to the pain and uncertainty of our current circumstances, due to the global pandemic and the social injustices. We wish to create space for healing, where bodies can embrace their power and beauty. This ceremonial dance aims to magnetize its audience into a mystical state of new findings. This piece is performed by three dancers.

Choreography: Marianna Varviani/ Selcouth
Performers & Co-creators: Ghislain Grellier, Maasai Piliavin-Godwin, Cassandra Tsolis
Original music composition: Yifeng Yuan
Costume Design: Eva Zapata, Shelby Wilcox

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