Maya Kell Abrams

Maya Kell-Abrams is a Los Angeles based artist, raised in Berkeley, California. She began her movement training in Tae Kwon Do where she specialized in sparring, competing nationally, and winning three Junior Olympic gold medals. After receiving her black belt, Maya turned her attention to Modern dance and Hip Hop. Maya received her Bachelors in Dance from UCLA and concentrated her training in House dance which encourages the expression of all movement forms to House music. In her practice, she combines House dance with Tae Kwon Do. Though each genre has its own specific movement qualities and context, she has found that these two practices share complimentary shapes as well as aspects of choreography (Forms) and improvisation (Sparring). This piece blends these two forms to create a fused genre. Within this fusion she explores the physical, spatial, and momentum based qualities that differentiate and unite the two practices.

A big thank you to Professor Vic Marks for her thoughtful guidance and feedback, and to my TKD coaches, Master Uy, Master Cruz, and Mr. Alvelais who invested immeasurably in my growth.


Instagram: @Maya.k.ayy

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