Megill & Company

Anderson Park

A joyful dance company celebrating humanity, play, and musicality in works that are quirky, jazzy, and poignant. 

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Beth Megill

Performers: Jess Gonzalez, Kevin Holland, Karissa Jones, Beth Megill, Brooklynn Reeves-Mallett and Erin Sofley. 

Let’s hold hands and run away

Music by Ben Morey

The music by Ben Morey is the second-place winner for our MeCo Summer 2020 Music for Dance competition. The dance emerged out of the nostalgic feel of Ben’s singer songwriter style. The movement vocabulary explores aspects of humanity, the interplay of clarity and disillusionment, disappointments and consolations, joy, and heartache. With a theme of community and connection, this piece is a testament to the creative process as an anchor in strange times and dear friends as the buoys in the turbulent waters of life. 

. . . in the fabric of spacetime. . .

Music by Danny Green

This music selection was our first place winner for our MeCo summer 2020 Music for Dance competition. This piece is largely inspired by the music’s groovy 7s and 8s! The choreography plays with ideas of interconnectedness across time and space. Our impact on each other in the relative world of shared experience evades quantification but creates opportunities for growth and reflection. We are all interwoven threads in this fabric of life. 

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