Mixed eMotion Theatrix

Mixed eMotion Theatrix (MeMT) combines music, dance, theater, and multi-media to create hybrid performance experiences in live theater and online content. Led by Artistic Director, Janet Roston, the company is dedicated to telling stories of the human condition through the use of folk tales, classic literature, new histories and biographies. It is the goal of the company to create performances that generate wonderment, musicality and the rush of human motion and emotion. International MeMT performances include the Avignon Festival, France and the Theatre Festival in Casablanca, Morocco. So Now You Know brings performers together to tell personal stories of individual discovery in words and movement. SNYK provides a theater an opportunity for community engagement. The production recently toured California combining a theater community’s teen and senior populations with MeMT’s professional performers. The result is a performance of insight, humor and a collective sense of community for both performer and audience.


Performed by Mixed eMotion Theatrix
Directed and Choreographed by Janet Roston
Storytellers: Michael Quiett, Dominique McDougal, Nurit Smith
Performers: Michael Quiett, Dominique McDougal, Nurit Smith, Tiffany Wolff, Brin Hamblin, DuRon Fisher, Steve Lekowicz, Haylee Nichele, Jackie Hinton, Leah Hamel


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