Moving Channel Dance Company

Byunggyu “Jack” Kim, Director, Choreographer
“Double Focus”

Byunggyu “Jack” Kim was born in Deagu, South Korea. He received his BA and MFA in dance from Korean National University of Arts.  He has been awarded many prizes in nationwide competitions in South Korea, such as the 2nd place prize in six different competitions in the year 2009 alone. In 2014 and 2015, Jack was selected as the New Artist of the Year by the Daegu Culture Foundation. He has received four major fellowships, amounting to seventy thousand dollars in total. Since 2006, he has been choreographing numerous works, notably “Sacrifice,” “On the Skin,” and “Sell Dancing,” which have been internationally performed and praised. In 2012, he founded Moving Channel Dance Company where he has been producing a number of works performed in South Korea and worldwide. He also taught at Yeung Nam University. Before moving to the US for ten years, he had been a member of an acclaimed company, Laboratory Dance Project based in Seoul.
To further explore the world of dance, Jack came to Southern California in 2015, and subsequently was invited to work with Intersect Dance Theatre as both a dancer and house choreographer. Jack is inspired to create and perform dances of storytelling to convey what words cannot.



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