Nebula Dance Lab

Founder/Director: Devyn Duex

Nebula Dance Lab provides an incubator for creative art in motion- allowing the professional company of artists in modern and contemporary dance the opportunity to experiment, push boundaries, and create new language in dance through physical exploration. Nebula has shared their vibrant work at venues such as the NECTAR artist forum, SB-ADaPT Fest- Sprouts, MixMatch (LA), Synergy, Kinesis (SB), SBCC Collective, IGNITE (San Diego) and fundraisers/workshops with non-profit organizations, in addition to their self-produced events. They have been invited to share their work across the US and Internationally. This year Nebula took on a new venture producing the inaugural year of the HHII Dance Festival featuring 30 dance works by 20 choreographers/companies featuring performances by over 75 artists from IA, NYC, Long Beach, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara over a 3-day/performance event March 27th-29th 2015 at Center Stage Theater, SB.

Nebula’s world premiere of ‘Push & Pull’ and ‘The Three Questions’ an adaptation of a short story by Leo Tolstoy takes place at Center Stage Theater, SB October 9th– 11th, 2015. For more information about Nebula and their upcoming performance visit

Company Information:

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