Raquel Leal Davies, Elizabeth Ipina, and Kelly Kelliente Richardson have collaborated on their talents, friendship, and passion for dancing to create a Flamenco Contemporary & Fusion dance group. Based in Los Angeles with a combined background in Modern Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Salsa, Bachata, and Flamenco, they create unique and inspiring choreographies that showcase their individual flavor and combined chemistry. They chose the appropriate name of Pasión Flamenca to represent their deep affection and connection to the soul of the art form. Although they have reverence and love for traditional Flamenco they were inspired by several artists that are not afraid to explore their creativity and horizons, so they also allow creative freedom to incorporate other forms of dance with a Flamenco base.

Since creating their group in 2011, they have appeared in music videos, and performed at various events and venues in Southern California with guest guitarists and singers, including a fundraiser for the AIDS Research Alliance (ARA) supporting HIV-cure research. They are also currently and actively performing with the Kol Sephardic Choir around town. For inquiries, bookings, and referrals, please send an email to:

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