Rebecca Green Moves

Variation on a Jig

Variation on a Jig is a curated exploration of the sometimes discrete and often under appreciated dance moves that we encounter in our every day lives. Drawing from every day tasks and situations, Variation on a Jig hopes to express the joy in attention to small details and the pleasure in moving in diverse and challenging ways. Connecting back to our animal nature this piece is melded together with a lively enjoyment of a high energy environment supported by sound and the mover’s interactions with the space and each other. Rebecca Green’s work has been shown at the Sharon Disney Lund Theater and Redcat Theater Los Angeles. Recently she has along with several stage works, devised, directed and choreographed two large-scale multimedia dance productions which she received the support of an Interdisciplinary arts grant to create. She will be performing this original movement piece along with her 3 collaborators and dancers, Dina Lasso, Yvonne Lacombe and Tariq Mitri.

Contact Information :
Phone No : (425) 373-6159

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