Ruby Karen Project/ Orange County Aerial Arts

Director: Ruby KarenScreen Shot 2014-07-31 at 4.36.15 PM

The RUBY KAREN PROJECT Aerial Dance Performing Arts and its performing troupe, the ORANGE COUNTY AERIAL ARTS, comprises of artists ages 7 – 60 yrs old. The common drive is to showcase the aerial arts discipline in many facets of their training, regardless of genre and level.  Through the school’s apprenticeship program, participation at the Tri-Art Festival and other demonstration opportunities nurture them in attaining their independent goals, whether be it for professional performing arts, teaching profession or recreation and sports challenges.  The organization focuses on circus acts including aerial acts, contortion, hand and body manipulation and partnering and other acrobatic elements both from traditional to creative performance arts. The Tri-Art casts include OCAA’s apprentices and the professional arm of the school, Circo Etereo.


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