Ruby Karen Project/Orange County Aerial Arts (OCAA)

Ruby Karen Project /Orange County Aerial Arts (OCAA) is the performing troupe of the Ruby Karen Project Aerial Dance School, which has 4 decades of performing arts history and specialties in Aerial Arts, Circus Arts and Dance. Based in Costa Mesa with satellite studios in Los Angeles, North Hollywood and Mission Viejo, the company has performed and repeatedly performs at many several household venues including the OC Fairgrounds, the OC Great Parks, the Pearson Amphitheater, San Pedro’s Tri-Art Festival and many community festivals in Southern California.

OCAA_Cyr and Wings-Tri-Art.JPG

OCAA yearly produces its full-length concerts namely, AIRBORNE 2009 & 2010, NIGHTMARE ON AIR 2011, TALES OF THE GODS 2012, ADVENTURES OF THE MORTARS 2013, ALICE – FLIGHT TO FANTASY 2014, FAIRYTALE IN BLUE 2015 & BREATH OF LIGHTS 2016.

Our OCAA artists are young and older adults of all ages, and backgrounds. They are diverse, dedicated and passionate and are very eager, privileged and thankful to be part of the Tri-Art Festival.

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