Sophie Olson Dance Explosion

Artistic Director: Sophie Olson


Sophie Olson Dance Explosion is proud to present a new work in progress: HOME

HOME: In the post-apocalyptic aftermath of a worldwide disaster, a tribe of survivors finally find a place of refuge. A place to call HOME. These survivors have made it through fires, war, disease, death and have somehow managed to remain hopeful for a new tomorrow. As they struggle to find a new normalcy in this world filled with carnage, they realize that it is up to them to rebuild a new world. A new HOME.

HOME’s choreography highlights four powerful female dancers; each specializing in one dance style. HOME uses tribal dance, hip hop, contemporary live music and rhythmic sounds to tell its story.


Sophie Olson Dance Explosion was founded in 2007 by artistic director/choreographer Sophie Olson and since its conception almost ten years ago; they have produced over 47 live concerts, site specific dances, television and multi-media projects. Sophie Olson Dance Explosion is under the direction of Sophie Olson who is also the founder of SODE School of Performing Arts a mobile performing arts school that offers in-school and after-school enrichment programs supporting the performing arts. The mission of Sophie Olson Dance Explosion is to use dance and the performing arts to tell compelling stories, to inspire through the arts in hopes of reaching a broader audience.

Facebook: SODE School of Performing Arts

Instagram: msgoprincess

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