Sahlala Dancers

Sahlala Dancers is one of the original international dance companies in California. Their new Artistic Director of Jill Collins, (est. 1999 by Jillina Carlano) aims to set a standard of excellence through training, research and collaboration to create authentic productions that inspire and entertain. Their mission is to uphold the legacies of cultural dance and use their innovative creativity to carry these traditions into the future.

Their performance in the San Pedro festival demonstrates the evolution of traditional Middle Eastern Dances of Dabke, Tanoura, and Raqs Sharqi into a modern aesthetic through music selection, costuming and use of props like swords and fan veils. Choreographed by Jill Collins, with contributing choreographer Shoahannah Estelle (sword routine) you’ll see these folk dances emerge into the modern era, with that Sahlala style of glamor and elegance.

Past company highlights include features on “Dancing with the Stars”, and theatrical productions with Bellydance Evolution. Currently, they perform at private events across the USA and offer educational outreach through cultural festivals and schools.


Instagram Handle: @sahlaladancers

Hashtag: #sahlaladancers


Youtube Channel: Sahlala Dancers


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