The Underground Street Dance Co

Director: Marquisa “Miss Prissy” Gardner

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The Underground is a street dance company based in Los Angeles, Calif., featuring a variety of styles from around the United States, including krump, Chicago footwork, popping and b-boying. The artistic director is Marquisa “Miss Prissy” Gardner, one of the founders of krump and stars of Dave LaChapelle’s 2005 documentary, Rize. The Underground is also a movement, and the dancers hope to share their art and passion for street dance with as many communities as possible. In September 2012, the company premiered its first live show to a packed audience of over 1,200 at the University of Southern California. In 2013, the company returned to perform another sold-out show at USC. Today, you will see a few members of the company on stage. Check their website  for bios, photos, videos, music and more

Company Information:

Check out videos: Here

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