Tonia Shimin

As a dancer, Tonia Shimin performed in the companies of Martha Graham, Jose Limón, Pearl Lang, The Ypsilanti Greek Theater and as a soloist with Anna Sokolow’s Player’s Project, Mary Anthony Dance Theater and Repertory West Dance Company. She has had an extensive teaching career in the United States and abroad. Her choreographic works have appeared in the United States, the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Scotland, Greece, Italy and Mexico.   An award winning dance filmmaker, for among others the documentary Mary Anthony: A life in Modern Dance, her awards have included support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance. Currently she is Professor Emerita of the Department of Theater Dance at the University of California, Santa Barbara and continues her creative work in the USA and abroad. Most recently she has curated, edited and with Mercury Press International, published The Art of Symeon Shimin, on the remarkable work of her father, whose fine art is here shown in a collection for the first time.


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Of Stones and Water

Meditative, poetic and vibrant, Of Stones and Water traces a dancer’s response and relationship to a labyrinth of stone and to the sea, finding the point of connection and resonance where the two worlds come together with his own. 

Directed  and Produced by: Tonia Shimin
Cinematography and Editing: Catherine Bennett
Concept and Choreography: Tonia Shimin
Dancer and Improvisation: Sean Nederlof
Music Composed by: Gianna Abondolo
Cello & Percussion: Gianna Abondolo
Bansuri Flute Improvisation: Mindia Devi Klein
Costume: Tonia Shimin

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